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Running a small to medium-sized migration business can be extremely challenging in these times, especially with the cost of staff wages rising.


As Registered Migration Agents ourselves, we know the administration tasks keep us extremely busy and draw our attention away from the more important work of building the business.


Out of necessity, we came up with a solution that works for us, and in the process, realized this could work for other Registered Migration Agents and Migration Lawyers too.

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Here at Christie Executive Assistants, we provide Professional Executive Assistants from the Philippines to Australian Registered Migration Agents and Migration Lawyers. We take care of the hiring and screening process and match clients with an assistant that will suit their business needs. Additionally, training will also be provided to ensure that the client's business goal will be met.

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We help clients go one step further and give their money's worth. We offer reasonable prices without compromising the quality of our services. 

If you are ready to scale your business, generate your revenue, reduce your operational expenses and have peace of mind, Contact us today and let us walk you through the amazing journey of working with a Christie Executive Assistant.